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John J. Kirker
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John Kirker is an entrepreneur and internet marketing expert. He has successfully started and sold multiple businesses and created online strategies for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Now he has officially launched RINKTIME.com - Consistent with his true passion, hockey.
From the time he was eight-years-old, RINKTIME.com Founder, John Kirker, has been fascinated with hockey and skating.

"I can vividly remember visiting a local rink and standing there in awe," Kirker reminisced in an exclusive interview with RTN. "I just stood there with my eyes as big as saucers, watching the kids on the ice, dressed like the Pros and thinking to myself, 'Wow, kids my age can actually play hockey!' I begged my parents to let me play hockey but they simply couldn't afford it - hockey in California was and still is much more expensive than other areas of North America."

Like most youngsters growing up in Southern California, many of Kirker's afternoons were spent on the baseball field. His evenings however, revolved around the television set watching hockey with his father. By the time John Kirker reached his early twenty's, curiosity gave way to full blown obsession. "From the moment I laced up my first pair of Roller Blades and cradled my Wayne Gretzky aluminum hockey stick I was hooked," Kirker admitted. "I signed up for ice skating lessons at a local rink and before you knew it, I was lacing them up five nights a week and playing on as many hockey teams as my schedule would permit."

This is where John Kirker's passion was about to mesh magnificently with his profession.

Recognized as one the nation's premiere Chief Technology Marketing Officers, Kirker sought to address his own needs as well as those of fellow skating enthusiasts and rink proprietors. "I literally found myself spending hours trying to co-ordinate my own schedule, while attempting to gauge the participation level of my teammates and surface availability. It was just so incredibly time consuming and frustrating. There had to be a simpler, more effective method. That's when I came up with the idea of RINKTIME."

Formed on a foundation determined to address SCHEDULING, PARTICIPATION, AVAILABILTY and a strong sense of COMMUNITY, John Kirker, Inc. offers WWW.RINKTIME.COM �The Ultimate Player, Skater and Rink On-line Resource!

And apparently the concept is long overdue, according to this extremely satisfied RINKTIME.COM subscriber:

I run a twice-weekly pick-up in Yorba Linda, California and my roster has grown to over 120 Players. RINKTIME.COM allows me to not only manage the roster, but also allows me to simply and easily run the events. Thank you again, Daivid Corbett-Orange, CA.

The always approachable John Kirker is a 35 year-old entrepreneur and hockey aficionado based in Tustin, California-with his fianc� Amanda and their faithful dog Bailey- who cordially invites fellow skaters, rink proprietors and "rink rats" to contact him directly at john@rinktime.com or by calling (855) 980-7465.