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  • Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling Facility

    Founded 1986, in Bremerton, Washington, Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling Facility is a is open year round.

    Public Skating

    Roller Skating at Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling FacilityRoller skating sessions for All Ages are one of the main attractions at Skateland Rink-Bremerton. Skating provides great exercise and an opportunity to get out of the house – plus, it is not like exercising at the gym… skating is fun! Lace-em up and come join the others. Get on the floor and get ready for a great experience.

    Remember to tell the folks at Skateland Rink-Bremerton that you saw them on RinkTime when you are paying admission at the box-office. And remind them to update their schedule on this site.

    Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling Facility offers Roller Skating Lessons.

    Roller Skating Lessons at Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling FacilityIf so, the folks here love to teach and their instructors are top notch. For beginners they usually focus on providing the basics. For more advanced skaters they focus on proper form, technique and getting you ready to meet your goals. Call Skateland Rink-Bremerton at (360) 479-7655 for more details.

    Roller Hockey Leagues

    Roller Hockey at Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling FacilitySkateland Rink-Bremerton Curling Facility offers roller hockey leagues for all ages.

    Whether you are a beginning skater looking to play on a team in an instructional league or an experienced roller hockey player looking to get out and play with others of a similar caliber, Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling Facility is the place to play. Give them a call at (360) 479-7655 to inquire about their leagues now. The experienced group will help get you ready for your next game

    Leagues and levels include: Adult,Youth.

    Pickup Roller Hockey

    Looking for a casual game of hockey?

    Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling Facility offers pickup roller hockey for all ages.Give Skateland Rink-Bremerton a call at (360) 479-7655 to inquire about their pickup hockey schedule if it is not listed in the description or schedule here.

    Roller Hockey Camps and Clinics

    With the exception of private lessons, the best way to increase your roller hockey skills is to do drills and exercises that build on the fundamentals. Even better is to do those drills while supervised by someone who understands how to do things properly and can correct you when you are doing them wrong. When playing, everyone feels like they are ready for the pros, but very few really look or play that way.

    Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling Facility offers camps and clinics for youths.to help you improve your game.

    Call Skateland Rink-Bremerton at (360) 479-7655 to learn when their next roller hockey camp or clinic is being held.

    Speed Skating

    Some say going round in circles is boring – others feel the thrill of flying around on the floor at twenty to over miles per hour and find it exhilarating.

    Speed Skating is fast, requires strength, skill, talent and concentration. Skateland Rink-Bremerton provides speed skating for facilities with very fast ice.

    Birthday Party or Event Planning?

    Birthday Party's and Events at Skateland Rink-Bremerton Curling FacilityWhy not have your party or event at Skateland Rink-Bremerton? They can make their rink and other facilities available to you for birthday parties, holiday parties or corporate events. Their prices are great. They would love to have you out. Give them a call if you would like to schedule your event now at (360) 479-7655. Please call at least one week in advance to properly schedule your event.

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  • Year Founded: 1986
    Seasonality: Open Year Round
    Indoor/Outdoor Facility: Indoor
    Roller Skating Surfaces: 1
    Roller Skating Surface Type: Roller (unknown surface type)
    Public Sessions (Roller): All Ages
    Roller Skating Lessons:
    • Adult
    • Youth
    Hockey Leagues (Roller):
    • Adult
    • Youth
    Hockey Camps and Clinics (Roller): Youth
    Pickup Hockey (Roller):
    • Adult
    • Youth
    Speed Skating: All Ages
    Artistic Skating: All Ages
    Inline Skating: All Ages
    Parties and Events: Birthday Parties
    Other Activities: Not Sure