They need to post their darn hour and do something with their web site if they are going to have the darn thing. It is now Thursday afternoon at 12:30 and we live in Wisc. and I decided that since my son is just getting over a cold that having a birthday bash at Grand Harbor is not the smartest choice for his party so we are looking for alternatives. He has it narrowed down to here or Cherry Lanes and we need to be making a choice so we can get a hold of the parents of the kids that we have invited. Since we can not get a hold of no one here on the phone and we can not get any information HERE on the hours they will be open on Saturday afternoon, I guess Cherry Lanes wins by default. Way to run your business and your web site Skate Country!! A simple thing like NOT posting your hours has caused a big todo here with my son...thanks a lot for that as well!! Must be making so much $$$ doing other things that posting your open hours is secondary any more!!
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