Talbot County Community Center Roller Skating and Ice Skating Rink

Talbot County Community Center Ice Skating Rink was founded in 1994, Talbot County Community Center of Easton, MD is an indoor rink and open year round.

Public Roller Skating

Roller skating begins April 30th, 2012 until August 19, 2012.  Admission is $3 and skate rental is $3.

Monday and Wednesday 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm

Friday  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

 Sunday 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Please visit our website for more information.

 Discount Amusement Park Tickets

We sell discount amusement park tickets to Busch Gardens, Kings Dominion, Hershey Park, Sesame Place, Dorney Park, Six Flags and Dutch Wonderland.  Ticket sales start  March 26, 2012.  Please contact 410-770-8050 or visit for information.



Busch Gardens*

Special Days (3/24-9/3)          $50.00

Parking $13; Opens 3/24


Dorney Park*

Adult                                           $36.00

Jr/Sr (3-61, under 48"/62+)    $26.00

Parking $15; Opens 4/28


Dutch Wonderland*

All ages                                $32.00

Parking free; Opens 4/28


Hershey Park*

Adult                                      $46.00

Jr/Sr (3-8 & 55-69)             $34.00

Special Day (5/4-6/29)      $36.50    Sun- Friday ONLY

Camp Specials (7/1-8/17)   $34.50

Parking $12; Opens 5/4


Kings Dominion*

Adult                                          $42.00

Jr/Sr (3-61, under 48"/62+)   $31.50

Spring Savings                       $32.00  (4/7,8,14,15,21,22,28,29; 5/5,6,12,13,19,20,26,27)

Summer Days (6/30-8/4)      $32.00

Fall Fun                                    $32.00   (9/1,2,3,8,16,23,29,30; Oct. weekends)

Parking $12; Buses free; Opens 4/6

Sesame Place

GAD - 2nd day upgrade: $4 (at park)      $49.50

Special Day  (7/1-7/31)                             $41.00

Ages under 23 months are free

Parking $15; Opens 4/28


Six Flags America*

Good Any Day                          $32.00

Special Day (7/1-7/31)           $27.00

Season Pass                          $65.00

Parking $15; Opens 3/31


Six Flags Great Adventure*

Theme/Safari; Opens 4/5             $34.00

Hurricane Harbor; Opens 5/26    $24.00

Parking $20

 Water Country*

Parking $13; Opens 5/19


*Children 2 & under are FREE

 Public Ice Skating

Ice skating is now finished for the season.  Public ice skating will begin again in September 2012.  In the meantime, please enjoy our roller skating rink. Ice skating sessions for the public are one of the main attractions at Talbot County Community Center. Skating provides great exercise and an opportunity to get out of the house - plus, it's not like exercising at the gym... skating is fun! Lace-em up and come join the others. Get on the ice and get ready for a great experience. Please visit for our schedule.

Talbot County Community Center offers Figure Skating & Ice Skating Lessons.

Ice Skating Lessons at Talbot County Community Center Are you an adult looking to learn to skate? Do you have children yearning to skate like the pros? If so, the folks here love to teach and their instructors are top notch. For beginners they usually focus on providing the basics. For more advanced skaters they focus on proper form, technique and getting you ready to meet your goals. Call us at (410) 770-8050 or visit for more details.

 Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey at Talbot County Community CenterWe offer both Adult and Youth Ice Hockey programs and leagues. Whether you are a beginning skater looking to play on a team in an instructional league or an experienced ice hockey player looking to get out and play with others of a similar caliber, Talbot County Community Center is the place to play. Please call  Mark at (410) 770-8050 to inquire about our leagues now. Our experienced group will help get you ready for your next game.


Pickup Hockey

Looking for a casual game? Talbot County Community Center also offers both adult and youth pickup hockey. Call Mark at (410) 770-8050 to inquire about our pickup hockey schedule.

Birthday Party or Event Planning?

Parties and Events at Talbot County Community Center Why not have your party or event at Talbot County Community Center? We can make our rink and other facilities available to you for meetings, birthday parties, holiday parties or corporate events. Our prices are great. We would love to have you out. Give us a call if you'd like to schedule your event now at (410) 770-8050 or visit . Please call at least one week in advance to properly schedule your event.


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