Yes, the rink is old but it was fun!
I took my cheerleading squad there (8th graders) and they didn't know how to skate. By the end of the night they were on the floor holding hands and skating around. They had a GREAT time! It was so less packed than CCH and falling down was honestly part of the fun. Yes, the place is old but it's also nestalgic. The staff was friendly, pizza was great and we plan to go account. The girls asked if we can come every month, and our season is over! My work plans on going to have some fun. So I think if you are open minded and don't expect everything to be perfect, you will have fun. Yes, the rink has a few spots in it that are rough but it's old! What do you expect?! You pay a great price and the atmosphere to me is so much better than CHC where you can't sit or see everything. There were no buckets catching water when we were there. We were provided a table, plates, ice cream, soda, chairs..it was all ready for us when we got there and they continually checked in with us.
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Local Disappointment
My daughter and her school mate (who share the same birthday) wanted to host their birthday party, at the local roller rink…Waldorf Roller Skating Rink was our only option. I called ahead and spoke with the "manager", who informed me that there would be a $100 non-refundable fee to reserve the date. The manager asked if I could give a credit card over the phone, I kindly told him I would rather take a look at the space before making a commitment. Well...I'm happy I did. The place was DISGUSTING!!!!. There were buckets all over the place to catch leaking water (including in the middle of the actual roller rink floor), the bathrooms were smelly and dirty, there were no tables to eat or for parents to sit and watch their children. The manager assured me that by the time the party came around all of my concerns would be addressed, but when I asked that he write that in the contract, he said he couldn't do that, AND if I didn't like it I can take my money elsewhere. Which I did. Thanks f
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