Horrible, nasty, and not safe
Skateworld has gone down since its hay day. Part of the wall is missing which isn't safe. The skate floor itself has chunks of concrete coming apart. The round seat are breaking. Half the games don't work. The bathrooms are never clean, kids pee in the floor, & your lucky to have toilet paper. The skates are in horrible shape; wheels coming off of loose, stink ungodly, have holes in them where you can see your toes, & fabric inside torn. The concession is gross. The drinks are flat and you can tell it has all flavors besides the one you want. Candy and food is out of date. Last but not least, every time I've gone there, they've got kids running it, immature ones at that. The kids taking your money, swapping skates, & cooking your food ...and they're standing there talking about having ___ someone or beating someone up! Will not be back! Needs something done or shut down!!!! And to think they have a youth minister from the church next door "running" it!
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