Rude and Abusive
Residential Mortgage Skating Rink
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too damn noisy in a residential neighborhood
Once again neighbors are disturbed by loud music on a school and work night. Two of my neighbors had their chlidren and grandchildren disturbed late at night Sunday(11:45 P.M. and 12:15 a.m. monday). One neighbor called the police at 12:15 a.m. monday. The next time this happens we are going to file (and sign a complaint) against this place.
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Sponsors events without adequate parking, music not appropra
I spoke to several neighbors (to the south of skate rink) said music kept them and their children up at night. Neighbors to the north said sometimes people parked in parking lot north of skate rink late at night , and they had to call police to break up fights. I witnessed problems , because skate rink customers took Whattaburger parking.there were no spaces left for Whattaburger customers and skating customers were blocking the drive and we could not get in. We only went there once and probably won't go back. The owners of the skate rink need better parking (especially on event sponsored nights) and didn't have the best attitude to customer complaints.
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nice place and very clean
Very family friendly. I take my 10 and 7 year olds every weekend after our first visit from a friends birthday. They even have free skate lessons that have me skating backwards and my son shooting the duck. We will
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Very nice owners and kid friendly
The owners are actual skaters and have 3 kids of their own; so, they run the business from a family friendly perspective. They're very nice and try to accommodate most requests within reason. The music is fine. If they get a request that is not kid friendly, they stop playing it immediately. They have a lot of fun games for the kiddos and they're very interested in feedback that will make their business better. Our son wants to skate everyday! Lol Their prices are a little higher than some places, but they have invested a lot and they're relatively new owners, so they're trying to look at price restructuring and offer passes, etc.
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This was the worse experience ever!
I took the groupon offer and was going to take cupcakes and my 9 year old's friends in for his birthday. They refused to let us take in the cupcakes when this was upseting they then asked I not come in at all because I didn't like the policy even though I was willing to comply with it. They offered to refund the groupon then they refused after reading it. Tossing it back in my face. I told them then I would be taking my kids in to skate. I told my husband and he talked to the guy and this made them more angry, they approached us twice after that instigating arguements never offering an appology, said we weren't family friendly but they were playing inappropriate music for families. They threatend to call the cops on us when we never approached them or went up to them, when asked what for they said we weren't being family friendly, then asked us to leave. I had to leave all my guests there and take my birthday boy home. I have never seen such a disgraceful bunch, It was misera
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