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  • Ozzys Sports Fun Center

  • Ice Cap Ice Rink

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    Fantasy Skating Center

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    Body Zone Sports & Wellness Complex

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  • Herb Texter Starlight Skating

  • Pheasantland Roller-Drome

  • Rollermotion

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    Rollers Roost II

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    Ringing Rocks Roller Rink

1 thought on “Ringing Rocks Roller Rink”

  1. Worse customer service ever. Invited 20 plus members of my family to open skate to celebrate my daughters 10th birthday along with some of her classmates. We were talked to very rudely from the moment we got to the front window. We decided to stay and let the children have fun, which they did up until 20 minutes before closing time when we decided to sing Happy Birthday to my daughter and enjoy some cupcakes. I had called over a month ago to see if this was allowed and was told yes as long as it was as we were leaving. There was only one group of 3 in the building along with our party and they were invited to join us. We were screamed at and berated in front of the children. Not very good business practice nor will ANY of my family members being coming back.

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