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  • Rollercade

  • Garden City Civic Arena

  • Canfield Ice Arena

  • LaSalle Centennial Arena

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    Dearborn Ice Skating Center – DISC

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    Skateland West Roller

  • Mike Modano Ice Arena

  • Amherstburg Community Centre

  • Devonaire Ice Arena

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    Riverside Arena

1 thought on “Riverside Arena”

  1. I hosted my son’s 8th birthday party here on Jan. 23rd, 2016, after visiting a dozen times before. I will admit the music is family driven and never had any conflict prior to this incident. Upon booking the party I was told to be fifteen minutes before my party to check-in and be seated. I did just that. When I arrived the hosted was not ready and a previous session was still in progress. I was told to wait for the hosted to come out and speak with us. The hosted came to me at about 2:10 pm, ten minutes into my party. She explained the rules, at that time I asked if my child’s ice cream could be put away. Here’s were things got ugly. I was told they did not allow ice cream. I asked if the guy/manager was sure because I didn’t recall being told that. At that time I was rudely interrupted by whom I found-out later was the owner, that “I could leave if I didn’t like it!” Mind you my son is standing there listening to this. The same “owner” then took my goodies bags and said we are not allowed to have them until the end of the party. Again, something I did not recall. He then began to become verbally abusive, and aggressive yelling he had “Medicare and did not/need want my business”. In an effort not to ruin my son’s day, I attempted to have a conversation to calm the situation in which his daughter tried to explain what I was saying and pleading him to stop being so rude without justification, as I was calm and confused. I absolutely would never come to Riverside Arena in Livonia, MI again! Did I mention I had over 18 children at my event at $13.00 per child and this was the thanks I received. Do not patronize this family owned business as you are NOT appreciated and treated like trash.

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